What makes biomass wood pellet so effective?

what makes biomass wood pellet so effective
December 19, 2023

Organic matter that has the potential to be converted into energy is known as biomass. Combustible materials used to light and cook food in fireplaces can include wood, plant matter, and even manure. One way to make biomass more widely applicable for heating or renewable bioenergy generation is to compress organic materials like wood, forest residues, and sawdust into pellets with a high energy density.

The benefit of biomass wood pellets

The high energy density of pelletised biomass is a major benefit of this fuel type. This is the measure of how much energy a specific quantity of a material can store.

Wood and other biomass byproducts, such as wood chips and sawdust, do not contain a great deal of energy when used independently. Fuels such as coal, diesel, or uranium store far more energy per kilogramme than a kilogramme of wood. Pelletising forest industry residues, on the other hand, makes biomass much more energy dense. Power generation relies on wood pellets because of their high combustion efficiency and low moisture content.

What goes into making biomass pellets?

The pelletisation process is what turns biomass into biomass wood pellet. This is where sawmill residues and other wood unfit for other uses come together. To make the wood powder, it is first chipped, then screened for quality, and finally heated until the moisture content drops below 12%. The solid, short, dense biomass pellet is then formed by pressing it through a grate under high pressure.

Which processes in power generation make use of pellets?

To convert existing coal power stations to utilise renewable bioenergy instead, biomass pellets can be utilised to produce electricity in a manner analogous to coal. Pulverising mills are connected to a conveyor system that transports pellets from storage to them. Pellets are ground into a fine powder and then blown into the boiler of the power station. In this process, biomass is burned to create steam, which powers generators that generate electricity.

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The homogeneity and density of biomass pellets also facilitate their storage and transportation in bulk. To avoid unintended combustion, it is crucial to keep them dry during transportation and to keep the surrounding conditions under tight control when stored in biomass domes.

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